We are Experts in Horizontal Directional Drilling Services

Here at Oregon Native, we specialize in horizontal directional drilling services. The benefits from our trenchless technology allow us to install, repair, and maintain underground utility infrastructures while saving on cost, time, and the environment. Open trench excavation is costly and time-consuming. Spare yourself the hassle of open trenching by partnering with us.

Being industry experts, we can complete your directional drilling project in a timely and professional manner. With little environmental impact, we work hard to ensure that streams, freeways, sediments, grades, and landscaped yards are protected as much as possible.

At Oregon Native Drilling, we provide you with comprehensive, top-quality, reliable, and cost-effective horizontal directional drilling services with expertise in completing a wide variety of projects. All HDD projects by our company are monitored and managed carefully and closely with attention to detail at every step of the way. Oregon Native Drilling can handle all aspects of project management such as:

•Attending mandatory pre-con job walks

•Sourcing materials and scheduling

•Identifying conflicts with existing utility infrastructure

We work with you cohesively to ensure that every step is completed efficiently and as planned. We work with each of customers to make sure their individual needs are exceeded.

Our areas of specialization include the following services:


Our expert teams can help you install the underground network needed to further develop your utility infrastructure. Whether you need a small road crossing or miles of conduit installed, we help to get your project done on time and on budget.

•Significantly lower the cost of fiber optics and coax communication construction 

•Ensuring walkways and driveways remain undisturbed as often as possible

•Minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment

  •       Helping utility companies maintain and build out their networks
  •       Turn-key construction services

We provide complete solutions by taking care of setting up all auxiliary construction material and supplementary equipment needed. 


We use HDD technology to install water service lines almost every working day of the year. Most of these lines go from a water meter or well, to a house. Sometimes we drill straight into the crawlspace and other times we drill right through the concrete basement wall. We also offer our vacuum excavation services to assist in the process of locating existing utilities and exposing the connection points for the new water line.

At Oregon Native Drilling, we specialize in grade bores for sewer and drain as well. This work isn’t for all drillers, this work requires precise control over the drilling equipment and deep knowledge of how to maintain grade in challenging environments. We also offer HDPE pipe fusion for our customers’ convenience.


Putting power lines underground is something we are passionate about. We set new vaults and transformer pads or tie them into existing ones. We can work in the right-of-way to bring the power from the source to your property. If the source is across a road, a river, or there are many established trees in your route, drilling can be the solution.  Most importantly, we can get the power conduit connected to your home, shop, or other structure.

We are experts in PGE-certified electrical installation services. Whoever your power provider is, we can help. We offer turnkey solutions.

Our team can work with you to come up with safe, innovative, and environmentally friendly solutions. We ensure a smooth installation or extension of electric utility projects.


No job is too small. We have service drilling crews that do several smaller projects every workday. These crews use the smallest directional drill on the market, to ensure it can fit into tight places with minimal impact. Our service crews also have a small vacuum excavator mounted on the trucks, giving us even more capacity to serve you, our valued customer. Hydro excavation equipment is typically used to expose existing utilities, or to make digging easier in hard ground, or areas complicated with underground conduit, wires, or roots.

Whatever your drilling requirements, we have the technology, team, and tools to get the job done fast and to your complete satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your project.